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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 30, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> good morning, i'm marla tellez. we have new details this morning on the poisonous drink investigation happening at a san jose starbucks. the 50-year-old woman arrested in the case is now facing attempted murder charges. nbc bay area's bob redell joins us live in san jose. now, bob, police say if someone actually drank this tainted o.j., they could have died. >> good morning, marla. you are correct. police believe the woman allegedly behind this would have killed whoever drank those poison bottles of orange juice because the levels of rubbing alcohol inside were lethal.
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police believe she might have succeeded if it weren't for an alert starbucks customer who had the presence of mind to speak of. san jose police arrested 50-year-old rehema. she pulled out of her starbucks bag two bottles of orange juice spiked with rubbing alcohol, placed them on the refrigerator rated display case with juice for sale and got in line for coffee. >> a customer saw this, thought it suspicious, reported it to management. the customer overheard and became startled and concerned she would be caught, ended up fleeing. >> hazmat arrived and determined there was enough rubbing alcohol in each container of o.j. to kill whoever drank it. >> one thing that stands out about the case, there was a heads up customer who saw what she did, thought it was suspicious and took the extra step of reporting it to management.
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i think there are a lot of people out there that probably have seen something like that and probably dismissed it. i think that person saved lives oing t why would someone do such a thing. >> reporter: investigators don't know why. they are still looking for a motive. they believe this was isolated, acted alone and wasn't part of any group. >> people have strange ideas. > store or anywhere. >> make me more edgy about starbucks, actually. do i really trust their drinks now? >> reporter: starbucks tells us that out of an abundance of caution they did destroy all the other juices at their location, that particular one at snell and santa teresa and ordered all the other starbucks to check seals on juice containers. they do believe this is an isolated incident. that suspect is still in custody. >> all right.
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we lost b there. thank you ve much for the update, though. this afternoon san jose city council reviewing its decision to stop a policy aimed at cutting down on racial profiling. the policy required officers to document all of the stops they make, even if there's no arrest, including the person's race and whether they are told to sit on a curb. the new acting chief suspended that policy even before it was ever put into practice. just last week an independent auditor releasing a point criticizing the chief's decisions. a major traffic back-up going on in daly city as police try to clear the scene of a deadly crash. mike inouye with us now tracking that. what's the back-up now. >> it's been the same for most of the morning. lets take you to the maps, north 280. three of four lanes blocked in the north direction if you're heading up out colma.
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back-up from westboro where people are able to get off the freeway and go to mission street north of there. this is the back-up in the last 45 minutes, back up to 380, using 101 as alternate through the area. other surface streets options, highway 1 and 35. this continues probably until 11:30. quite an involved scene, guys. send it back to you. >> thanks so much. president obama is 100 days into his second term. some of wondering how much progress has he made. at a news conference this morning, the president answered questions about a wide range of topics from international affairs to fighting among lawmakers. nbc bay area's danielle lee in washington with more on what the presidto say. >> reporter: an early evaluation this afternoon on a second term jam-packed with conflict. on syria, where president obama says chemical weapon use would be a game changer, the president is still warning of u.s. action. >> we don't know how they were
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used, when they were used, who used them. >> reporter: can the u.s. confirm the country used chemical weapons on its own people? if so, then what? >> by game changer, i mean that we would have to rethink the range of options that are available to us. >> reporter: in the boston marathon bombing, the director of national intelligence wants a review, could investigators have better handled early warnings about the accused terrorists? >> what i can say is, based on what i've seen so far, the fbi performed its duties, the department of homeland security did what it was supposed to be doing. but this is hard stuff. >> reporter: on capitol hill, the new gun law he campaigned for failed in the senate. an across the board budget cut, sequester he fought to avoid are a reality. >> right now things are pretty dysfunctional on capitol hill.
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despite that, i'm actually confident there's a range of things we're going to be able to get done. >> reporter: on immigration reform, there's still hope. congress has yet to vote. in the coming months president obama will dpas a budget battle and renewed efforts for tax reform. in washington, i'm danielle lee, nbc news. >> thank you, danielle. neighbors in valley springs holding a vigil tonight for an 8-year-old girl found stabbed to death inside her home over t weekend. investigators questioning sex offenders and parolees anywhere near that area where layla fowler was killed. her 12-year-old brother said he saw a stranger leaving saturday afternoon, then he found his sister's dead body insi investigators say they have also collected fingerprints and dna evidence but until the killer is caught, the entire community on edge. >> we have all of our windows, doors locked. we have bars inurble paned sliding windows.
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we don't go outside. we don't walk our dogs at night. >> sad scene there. vigil held at her elementary school in valley springs tonight starting at 7:00. >> in southern california, a pilot is dead and firefighters are searching for more victims afr two small planes collided in midair over ventura county. the faa and the ntsb will be on hand when crews removed the wreckage. cessna single engine planes collided northeast of ventura yesterday afternoon. one plane landed on a golfur in. that crash causing minor injuries to the three people on board. the second plane slammed into the santa monica mountains about five miles away and start add one-acre fire. it's unclear how many people were on that plane but officials have discovered the pilot's body. we have a follow-up now to a story we first brought you sunday night. hours before a fire ripped through a vacant motel in mountain view, police arrested
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somebody at that property on suspicion of trespassing. only nbc bay area was there to get video of that fire. firefighters say the flames spread quickly because the building did not have sprinklers. about a dozen units were damaged but we're happy to report no one was injured and the cause of that fire remains under investigation. now, police arrested the suspected trespasser sunday afternoon. that was about five hours before the flames broke out. at this hour, it is unclear if the arrest is linked directly to that fire. new details on the famed chez panisse. the berkeley restaurant is one step closer to reopening. crews installing a new structure to the restaurant that was heavily damaged in the fire. kristi smith joins us from berkeley outside the restaurant with what it looks like today. kristi, how is the progress? >> reporter: good morning, marla. building permits have changed quite a bit since chez panisse opened, nowodes require a
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steel fre. frame is for seismic in an earthquake. the two-story steel frame lifted into place on shaddock avenue, hoisted over trees and bolted in place after fabrication in oakland that took two weeks. the world famous chez panisse restaurant founded by food activist with the idea that food should be fresh, sustainable and local. it was damaged by a fire that started under the porch. since then the reopen date shift add couple of times. today i'm told the looks like june 10th hopefully. getting the steel frame in place, that is a major step forward. >> we just craned in the new face of chez panisse. it's completely welded steel for structural, and it's also setp to mimic what's going to go on in the back. so everything you see in terms of the shape of the top with the gable on top, it's going to go all the way back like that. so that's going to all be
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buried. all that steel you see up there is going to disappear. it's going to become redwood, beautiful redwood. >> working with the original designer of the restaurant kent mesirow on the new look. this is the discrepancy he came up with. a mix of japanese shintoe and american craftsman. they salvaged as much redwood as they possibly can. inside the look and feel much the same of what people remember, woodsy and warmth. june 10th is the date they are shooting for but they are not taking reservations just yet. reporting live in berkeley, kristi smith, nbc bay area news. >> okay, kristi. thank you very much. dozens of men sleeping in chairs at a homeless drop in the center of san francisco in an with beds.replace those chairs mother brown's in bay view sparking a debate. they want to add beds to a vacant building next door, a move clients say will deliver much needed relief.
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>> you really can't sleep in a chair. by the time you get comfortable, you're falling over. you've got other people leaning on you. >> but concerned neighbors, they are raising questions right now about zoning and permits and safety along with security. a lengthy community process lies ahead before any decision will be made. in the meantime, the homeless at mother browns will have to sit and wait. >> concerns for security as the upcoming popular ba breake race. they are announcing a ban on backpacks and large bags and won't allow anyone to run the course unless they have officially registered for the race. the boston marathon had about 25,000. the beta breakers traditionally e 102nd annual foot race will be held on sunday may 19th. the sports world throwing support behind a former stanford athlete, now the first active, openly gay player in an american
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team sport. idama basketball player jason collins and he's coming out this week in "sports illustrated." the reaction so far very positive. commissioner david stern says, quote, we're proud he has the leadership mantle on this issuee his decision to come out. >> he's going to have to deal with how do i really feel about the cat calls. how do i really feel about this teammate who said x, y, z. what do i think about the death threats and nasty letters and e-mails and so forth that he's inevitably going to get. >> as for collins, it does go beyond the sports world. former president bill clinton releaseing a statement in support of collins. a lot of celebrities came out as well. collins, for the record, has played with six different teams over 12 seasons, most recently celtics and wizards. he's currently a free agent and right now hoping he'll play some
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basketball next year braef step aside, google's assistance. apple upsist game with more benefits for employees. tell you what they get coming up. a brief cooldown but still an elevated fire danger. tell you how long the windy conditions will last and who will see the first triple digits when nbc bay area comes back.
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a bay area man is suing virgin america airlines after a dispute with the flight crew over a soda ended in an fbi interrogation. now, in this lawsuit, the man from brisbane claims crew members falsely accused him of swearing at flight attendants and maliciously leaving a toilet unflushed. he says he asked three different flight attendants to bring him a soda. after finally getting his drink, he said he had no further interaction with the crew. the suit is asking for 50,000. later on today, a state assembly committee will review a
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bill banning drivers from using voice controlled dices on their phone like siri on the iphone. texting, as you probably already know, has been banned for all california drivers. google is setting its sights on siri, unveiling a way to talk to your iphone or ipod. the virtual assistant is part of a free google search, iphone and ipad app of it's the first time google has been available for flaun android devices. like siri, google takes your questions and combs the net looking for answers. yahoo! this morning announcing it was making things better for its employees. >> scott mcgrew an up grade to a perk already offered to parents. >> reporter: yes, good morning. the company now offers longer child care leave, eight weeks for dad, 16 for moms. yahoo! is going to pick up the bill as well for things like housecleaning or food delivery while you're out on presently leave up to $500. separately the company is offering up to eight weeks
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unpaid leave for every five years of service. so five years go by, you take yourself an eight-week sabbatical. ne marissa meyer came from google where benefits are very, very good. in fact, google's presently leave is still a bit better than yahoo!. miss meyer also recently had a baby of her own and some people are making this into a woman executive story. i don't think it is. i think this is simply yah! bringing its services up to par with the rest of the industry. we'll continue to watch that story. we were the first to bring it to you this morning. back to you. >> how do you like the sound of an eight-week vacation thank you, scott, very much. competition in the garlic festival. the first ever garlic bowl. things from uc berkeley, san jose state and fresno state, head to head in big time and hot cooking contest. the winning team will receive a
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$5,000 scholarship. garlic bowl set to kick off. the start of the festival that starts up in late july. >> we'll be smelling the garlic before july. >> you cannot run from it. m loren, it is warm out there. how are the winds? >> they are picking up. good morning, jon and marla. good morning at home. i picked this picture of sunol to show you the once thriving green we had on our hills is now a thing of the past. we don't have any rain anywhere in the near ft, the o. we've got more dry, warm weather headed our way. winds will pick up leading to red flag warning. that goes into effect, already in effect, it's going to stay in effect until wednesday evening. we'll be dealing with these conditions even though temperatures are running a lot mooild milder than 24 hours ago. 12 degrees cooler in livermore, 10 in oakland, looking really good all across the area. days the coolest, at least, of the next four to five. wait until i show you the
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seven-day outlook. for today, red flag for elevations. gusty winds developing right at the immediate coast. it's always a good idea whenever we have cditions for all to practice fire safety even though the red flag warning may not be issued for your area. what's happening, a weak disturbance coming through. a little shower to sierra nevada. for us, high pressure stays in control. the two work against each other and we get what we call very tight pressure gradient. it's going to be rather windy as we head throughout the afternoon, especially through the higher elevations and right at the immediate coast where we lack that friction. lets get right to it. four today, 60s and 70s, 80s and 90s inland, 60s and 70s around the peninsula, inner bay. that means if you want the good weather, this is where you want to be, right by the beach. 72 at 2:00 p.m. comfortable conditions. 4:00 p.m., 75. elsewhere a little hot. 92 fairfield, 88, livermore. this is one of the coolest days. as we head through the next several days, temperatures continue to jump.
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lets see if we can get this graphic to jump over. ing a a little issue. there goes my peacock. 96 by thursday. heat is on, hottest day in the extended period, guys. overall you want to keep that summer wardrobe handy as high pressure keeps us nice and hot for the next few days. relief sunday and monday, temperatures back in the 70s and 80s. back to you. >> the peacock was stuck in that heat. >> that's what i was going to stay, may need to giv the peacoc obedience training. still to come, longest game ever played in oakland. show you what finally sent the a's fans home after more than six hours at the ball yard. why are 8 million people sleeping better tonight?
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they went to a sleep number store. the only place in the world you'll find the sleep number bed, with dual air technology. it allows each of you to adjust to the support your body needs. you'll only find sleep number at one of our over 400 stores nationwide, re queen mattresses art at just $699. and for those who sleep hot or cool, now save $500 on our temperature-balancing memory foam bed set. sleep number. comfort. individualized. well, good morning to you. if you're an oakland a's you're probably just waking up because they had a long -- >> overtime. >> a marathon me. >> goes 19 niis the
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longest game in oakland history. score tied up until the bottom of the 19th inning and then this. >> he has struck out four times. >> deep to right. this may do it. it is gone. bottom of the 19th inning and we are finally going home. thank you very much. >> yes, thank you brandon moss. how about that. strikes out four times before that and comes up with game winning home run bringing score 10-8. that's how you celebrate. yourself a pie in the face, team gives you a pie in the face. you follow it up with gatorade. they are worse than diehard fans at the coliseum, 6 hours and 42 minutes. good news, home crowd comes home happy. >> that's a lot of hey, batter, batter, batter. warriors will try to shut the door on nuggets. kicks off at 5:00 in denver.
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warriors lead the series, as we know, 1. however, game six te already gone on sale as oracle arena, just in case nuggets win. that game would be played thursday night. >> look good right now. a relic of the country's national pastime discovered in georgia. this is really interesting. historian studying this film shot by a wealthy plantation family in thomasville. the 28 millimeter film shows employees of the pebble hill plantation playing in a basketball league against other teams, also based on the south plantations. e footage.s 26 seconds long of >> currently working to determine if it is the earliest footage of african-americans playing baseball period. >> historians believe this film was shot way back in 1919. right now the university of georgia has already digitized this film and posted it up online. so it's worth a look if you have a chance.
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>> very cool. keeping with the history theme, it once belonged to winston churchill. >> the qio huch is classic car sell for. we'll tell you that and why it's such a cleccer's item right after the break. ocleccer's item after the break. lcleccer's item after the break. lcleccer's item after the break. ecleccer's itemt after the break. cleccer's item right after the break. tcleccer' right after the break. orcleccer right after the break. 'cleccer' right after the break. scleccer'm right after the break. leccer'sm right after the break. eccer's i right after the break. ccer's it right after the break. er's item right after the break. er's item right after the break. r's item right after the break. 's item rt after the break. s item right after the break. item right after the break. item right after the break. . how are changes in the weather going to change my plans for the day. >> the team gets up early and starts asking questions. >> because the answers affect us all.
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we finish things up this morning with a very rare car once owned by british prime minister winston churchill and it sold on ebay. >> it sold for $616,000. >> bargain. >> experts say it's one-of-a-kind, only one of its kind left, i should say. only eight of them were ever built. a british auction house tried to sell it but that didn't work so the owners put it on ebay. 53 people submitted 114 total offers. there's no information about the buyer. the buyer is cruising on pch. >> classic sedan. good day to have the top down. >> i wonder if you hit it it goes -- >> that costs extra. >> thanks for being with us. join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00.
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